Rocking Horse Winter II H.T.(Feb 2024) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Adams, AnnGTB Rockstar StatusOBNAccepted
Adams-Blackmore, LeaFrostbiteA-BAccepted
Aharoni, ArielleChumleyOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Aharoni, ArielleNotoriousONAccepted - Incomplete
Aharoni, ArielleVeni Vidi ViciONAccepted - Incomplete
Alland, JennaCarro de la LecheSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Alminde, OliviaFlagmount's SpartanMRAccepted - Incomplete
Alvaro, NovileeCleopatra`s ReinJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Anderson, ClaireNatural WonderTHAccepted - Incomplete
Anderson, ClairePort EveTHAccepted - Incomplete
Anderson, TawnieQuick Fire MONAccepted
Andrews, AlysonAristocrat LadyBNRAccepted
Applebaum, AvaFE City BoyJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Backus, MadelineBaratheonOPAccepted - Incomplete
Backus, MadelineSlew the BluesONAccepted - Incomplete
Backus, MadelineP.S. Levi WilsonONAccepted - Incomplete
Backus, MadelineApolloONAccepted - Incomplete
Backus, MadelineClear DirectionOBNAccepted
Barbour, CristinaRoyal OakOPAccepted - Incomplete
Barbour, CristinaTullibards Twist and TurnsOPAccepted - Incomplete
Barrett, MeganGlobal MagiBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Barry, LisaRosie's AventadoraA-AAccepted
Baugh, AlexandraHubert Des 3 ArbresOIAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 9Dutton
Baughman, WoodsHopak de Greenbay ZA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Baughman, WoodsKamara CFFA-BAccepted - Incomplete
Bell, Candace ElizabethPromise the MoonOMAccepted - Incomplete
Bell, KateFE Velvet BlackOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Bellissimo, LucienneDolmen DinaOBNAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 3,Barn 1 - Aisle A 8Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneDyriOPAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 5Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneTremantonOPAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 7Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneHermineOTAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 6Bellissimo
Bingham, MaegenNot So NormalSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Boesch, MadisonReddy To PlayONAccepted
Borthwick, ThomasOliver's SwordBNRAccepted
Borton, AddisonConway LadJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Bowers, AmyDel Mar BelleIRAccepted - Incomplete
Brandt, HannahFernhill EmeraldOTAccepted - Incomplete
Brandt, ZacharyEinarOTAccepted
Brandt, ZacharyIbou du SoutraitOTAccepted
Brekken, CathrynConquest of Housie ZOTAccepted - Incomplete
Brickell, RuthWhitfieldJTRAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release (2024): Missing
USEA/USEF Entry Agreement (2024): Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver (2024): Missing
Brown, MillieAbove The FoldBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Brown, RebeccaFernhill Quite FranklyOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Brown, RebeccaDon't Split TensOTAccepted - Incomplete
Brown, RebeccaHumble PieOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Burkhardt, CarolineStonehavens dreamJNRAccepted
Burnett, DianaMint MonsterOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaWhatisyourproblemOIAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaMurphy's Got CharmOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Byars, SylviaCSF Dassett DecoyOMAccepted
Byars, TheodoraHH GunsmokeJTRAccepted
Byyny, JanBeautiful StormA-BAccepted
Byyny, JanTime ToOP-FAccepted
Cairo, AlyssaEWSZ JalandoBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Carney, LulaCool Under FireJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Caulfield, RebeccaTale As Old As TimeONAccepted - Incomplete
Clark, MacyOne and OnlyOPAccepted - Incomplete
Clyde, RachelUrlanmore NemoSNRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 15
Cole, CynthiaSir GalahadOTAccepted
Coleman, WilliamFahrenheit AddictOPAccepted
Coleman, WilliamDHI KloosterboyOPAccepted
Coleman, WilliamBox ComoOTAccepted
Cousins, SarahHagridOP-FAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 1
Cousins, SarahTruly WileyA-AAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 2
Cummings, AnnaFernhill PrimroseONAccepted
Curry, HaleyBelmonte Do CahimIRAccepted - Incomplete
Dahms, TriciaBold CanyonOBNAccepted
Dasti, MadisonFidelius 35ONAccepted
Dasti, MadisonHicksteads HaloOBNAccepted
Davidson Jr., BruceCerafino DOIAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceErroll GobeyA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceCooley CandymanOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceMoon BridgeTHAccepted - Incomplete
Davies, JuliaInari SamiSNRAccepted
Davis Douglas, EvelynFernhill Above and BeyondMRAccepted - Incomplete
Davis, JuliaWillmoreSTRAccepted
Diaz, GabrielaThe Glory MusicSTRAccepted
Duarte, AnnemarieRather BoldlyMRAccepted - Incomplete
Duarte, DalyPegasus PrincessOP-FAccepted
Dudley, TurnerNoerremoellehoejs Bon BravourJNRAccepted
Duffett, JordanCharlie il PostinoOTAccepted
Dutton, OliviaSea of CloudsA-BAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 10Dutton
Dutton, PhillipJewelentA-BAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 11Dutton
Dutton, PhillipPossanteA-BAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 12Dutton
Dutton, PhillipQuasi CoolA-BAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 13Dutton
Eardley, OndineFernhill OptimistONAccepted
Edwards, MeganGlobal SportsmanNHAccepted
Edwards, MeganGlobal BGKOM-FAccepted
Eisenberg, ElyseFernhill Pimms JrOTAccepted
Elliott, SydneyCencoria PSTHAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 3
Elliott, SydneyChinTonic 3OPAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 2
Ertl, SarahRedwood QualityOTAccepted
Fanello, JuliaFE Prince of DarknessOM-FAccepted
Farrell, ErinAtaviuosPRAccepted - Incomplete
Fergusson, Lisa MarieRatheoin Quality ImpOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Filson, MelissaVictoria's SmileOBNAccepted
Fitzgerald, KathleenSpotted ChapSNRAccepted
Fleming, JanelleRock Me MamaOTAccepted - Incomplete
Friedly, JessicaRide the LightsONAccepted - Incomplete
Frost, ChristinaGrammi DanceSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Glover, SterlingPennyBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Goodman, StephanieDirancaOTAccepted
Goodman, StephanieDrs ResoluteOP-FAccepted
Grald, ArielAdagio's NobilityOP-FAccepted
Grald, ArielCullintra End GameOP-FAccepted
Grald, ArielIsla de CocoOPAccepted
Grald, ArielObalixTHAccepted
Grald, ArielSunhill CobrioOTAccepted
Grald, ArielKingston Van MeerzichtOPAccepted - Incomplete
Grald, ArielLibris CharlotteOPAccepted - Incomplete
Grandos, ElizabethSolaguayre La MintSNRAccepted
Green Kerby, AlexandraTraditionally FernhillOP-FAccepted
Griffith, EmilyMister ChinBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Hagan, AddisonFE FridayJTRAccepted
Hale, MaddieCinzano 87A-BAccepted
Hale, MaddieFernhill HotshotOPAccepted
Hall, RyanFE GlamourOM-FAccepted
Haneberg, AlisonCharmed N DangerusSNRAccepted
Harbison, GunnarPeptos Metallic CatOMAccepted - Incomplete
Harbison, GunnarTatabra IvanhoeNHAccepted - Incomplete
Harris, LaurenSH Just for LaughsOPAccepted - Incomplete
Hartford, KaitlinBazillion BellsIRAccepted
Hays, AshleyCajun QualityOPAccepted - Incomplete
Hayworth, AshlynFernhill BarndarigOTAccepted
Heroux, CallieWatermarkOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Heuckendorff, AnnIt's ShowtimeSNRAccepted
Hewson-Slezak, KatlynArdeo DreamONAccepted - Incomplete
Hoff, LizzieCooley On ShowIRAccepted - Incomplete
Hoff, LizzieRedfield LennonOMAccepted - Incomplete
Holcomb, RebeccaMarvelous Miss MollyBNRAccepted
Holman, BobBold DiamondOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Hoos, AudriColonial CrossJTRAccepted
Hoos, RebeccaHSH Redfield Poynstown MarshallOPAccepted
Hoos, RebeccaReddy To PlayOMAccepted - Incomplete
Hoos, WilliamStellaONAccepted
Horah, EllieCoopers MarckMRAccepted - Incomplete
Horah, LukeZelina FLFPHAccepted - Incomplete
House, GraysonTiz DaveBNRAccepted
Hutchins-Kristen, BethanyGeluk HVFOP-FAccepted
Isrow, OwenGet Your Buzz onJNRAccepted
Isrow, OwenWonderful CourageJNRAccepted
Jacks-Smither, HollyDeal or No DealOIAccepted
Jacks-Smither, HollyNumerous NitroNHAccepted
Jacks-Smither, HollyDolmen DeejayOBNAccepted
Jarnstrom-Dennis, JennieSplash DanceOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Jarnstrom-Dennis, JennieWilhmaONAccepted - Incomplete
Jenkins, KathrynFirst CommanderSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Johnson, SallieFernhill DiCaprioA-BAccepted
Joyal, EmmaChilly Bon BonSNRAccepted
Kaplan-Walbrecht, EveBMR Jade NuggetOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Kawcak, ChrisAmelieOTAccepted
Kellock, JamiePhoebe BuffayOTAccepted
Kellock, JamieExcel Star Briarhill Sourpatch KidTHAccepted
Kelson, SaraHanslough DiamondOMAccepted
Kreitl, DanHello King WD ZTHAccepted
Kreitl, DanMy Kindness TTHAccepted
Kreitl, DanOdysseyPHAccepted
LaBarge, KatieCinnamon BearIRAccepted
Lane, WillowBonne FeteBNRAccepted
Lang-Gluscic, LeahBollywoodA-BAccepted
Lang-Gluscic, LeahLieutenant DanOM-FAccepted
Law, LeslieCLH Soldier BluePHAccepted
Law, LeslieLady ChatterleyA-AAccepted
Law, LeslieTullibards on TourPHAccepted
Lawson, RachelHigh TideA-BAccepted
Lee, FannyHitchcock's DoppelgangerOBNAccepted
Lehari, KendalBenjamin JamesOM-FAccepted
Lehari, KendalIron LordeOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Lewis, MatthewNile GoldOIAccepted - Incomplete
Lilley, ShannonEindhoven GaretteOIAccepted
Lilley, ShannonStapleton AshaOTAccepted
Lilley, ShannonShirsheen CalidaONAccepted
Loach, ColleenBlitzenNHAccepted - Incomplete
Loach, ColleenCanada PostNHAccepted - Incomplete
Loach, ColleenMazikeenOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Loschiavo, AnnaEXCES DE FOLIEOMAccepted
Loschiavo, AnnaFernhill MaverickOPAccepted
Loschiavo, AnnaFernhill One Too ManyOP-FAccepted
Loschiavo, MelanieSpartacus QOTAccepted - Incomplete
Lund, LizFranklin Delano CFPRAccepted
Lund, LizHillside Diamond Lad CFONAccepted
Lund, LizR'Mani CFIRAccepted
Lyman, KylieBLF BamiroNHAccepted - Incomplete
Lyman, KylieGortglas BumblelouieTHAccepted - Incomplete
Lyman, KylieClassicals Smartie PantsOPAccepted - Incomplete
MacPherson, KayliGawainOTAccepted - Incomplete
Malensek, KatieFE CheerioOIAccepted
Malensek, KatieLandjaegerA-BAccepted
Malensek, KatieSTX MexA-BAccepted
Martinez, MckennaCommitmentOPAccepted
Maruyama, Aki JoyKroonboyNHAccepted - Incomplete
Maynard, TikKayanOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
McAllister, LidaFernhill Leitrim LassOTAccepted
McAllister, LidaTullibards Chance TakenOTAccepted
McCallum, VictoriaMauriceJTRAccepted - Incomplete
McClain, EleanorCalla LilyJNRAccepted - Incomplete
McDonald, SandraOmard Hawaii GoldONAccepted - Incomplete
McDonald, SandraCarrick Uskerty FlightONAccepted - Incomplete
McHugh, EmmaImperialTHAccepted
McIntosh, SeanAlfredo SauceOIAccepted
Meisterling, LeahKilleenhousestud BouncerSTRAccepted
Meyer, JoeHarbinOPAcceptedCoggins: Missing
Meyer, JoeSimple HeartedPHAccepted
Meyer, JoeBallygriffin Crossfield CaraOPAccepted
Meyer, JoeSF Sportsfield Rising StarPHAccepted
Middlebrook, SophiaProntissimoOIAccepted
Miser, AndreaCalysta MWFMRAccepted - Incomplete
Mitchell, AnneTF ParamountOTAccepted - Incomplete
Montague, PaigeDoograne MasterOBNAccepted
Morauw, BernardVC QUESTERAONAccepted - Incomplete
Morgan Paul, MelissaHardwiredOMAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 4Jones Forsberg
Morgan Paul, MelissaUptown IndyPRAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 5Jones Forsberg
Muller, MyaleeRobin A BankONAccepted
Murray, KerriIvey leagueBNRAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 16
Musselman, JaneDuke of DiamondOM-FAccepted
Nair, NicoleJack RunJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Nair, NicolePrinz S.W.JTRAccepted - Incomplete
Napier, PatriciaCharlestonA1SNRAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenI'll Have AnotherOIAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenLarcot ZOIAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenMaks Mojo COP-FAccepted
Niehues, ChristyFlight SchoolOMAccepted
Niehues, ChristyRH Sophia LoreOBNAccepted
Nolan, MichaelRock JenningsOPAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelRock OnOMAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelCarrick Emerald DiamondTHAccepted
Nolan, MichaelCarrabeg Hulla BalouA-AAccepted
Noyes, SarahL'AlezaneBNRAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, KeltyTheoryONAccepted
O'Donoghue, KeltyTonedoutOTAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaKilbunny KanyouNHAccepted - Incomplete
O'Hanlon, SelenaM S ThunderboltA-AAccepted - Incomplete
O'Neal, AlexanderQuick RomanceONAccepted
O'Neal, AlexanderWindchase PegasusNHAccepted
O'Neal, ElinorMochaspiceONAccepted - Incomplete
Ocrant, Yvonne'Mall About The TreatsSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Ogan, AudreyCooley ClassifiedNHAccepted - Incomplete
Paddack, ChloeHawthornstud Fortunate LoveOTAccepted - Incomplete
Padgett, HarperCooley StarshipOM-FAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 14Dutton
Parkin, NicoleFE DiamantOBNAccepted
Peinado, ScarlettShadow InspectorOM-FAccepted
Petrek, HannahHello, DollySNRAccepted
Phillips, AlyssaCarrigshawn HFSOMAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, AlyssaCornelius BoOPAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, AlyssaKeep CalmOPAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, AlyssaOskarA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, GeorgiaCushinstown PointONAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, GeorgiaTomgar ConspiracyONAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, GeorgiaGaddy'sGoneONAccepted - Incomplete
Pound, SherryCarnabyIRAccepted
Preston, MaxineCooley ContendorOP-FAccepted
Ramkowsky, CocoHSH Clever ZTHAccepted
Rawson, CindyEvening MelodyOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Reagin, JesseRCA Society LawIRAccepted
Reed, AlexOn BroadwayA-AAccepted
Revak, MyaMiss Miami CatONAccepted
Richardson, KenzieI Am WednesdayTHAccepted - Incomplete
Riske, JordanBridge ViewOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Riske, JordanRedemption SongIRAccepted - Incomplete
Rollins, ConorPrime TargetOIAccepted - Incomplete
Romanelli, LaurenBallmullo's Day OffTHAccepted
Rowlett, DanicaRudianosSTRAcceptedY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 1
Ruppel, KatieLorenzoOMAccepted - Incomplete
Ruppel, KatieRinnwood Big CatOMAccepted - Incomplete
Rush, AveryMake OverBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Russell, ShelbyHillside HSH LarueBNRAccepted
Sanger, CassieFernhill ZoroOIAccepted
Sanger, CassieNever EnoughTHAccepted
Sanger, CassieRedfield FyreA-AAccepted
Sarnoff, ClaudiaCallan QuintoPRAccepted
Saxe, LeilaCooley VitaIRAccepted
Saxe, LeilaFE DucattiOTAccepted
Schaef, CharlotteNormandy's Cole's CloverJNRAccepted
Scholtz, JannaFernhill LocklannPRAccepted
Schram, KaniKeen on DiamondsBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Schuitema, KirstenOne Sly FoxOIAccepted
Schulman, SaraCooley ChromaticOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Schweiss, AutumnBamford CFOIAccepted - Incomplete
Schweiss, AutumnShirsheen RocketmanOTAccepted - Incomplete
Scott, MadeleineCrosby's GoldA-AAccepted
Scovil, LexiChico's Man VDF ZA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Shull, JessicaSesameONAccepted - Incomplete
Skeens, AustinHSH BangarangOTAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlBalance DueOMAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlChevalierA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Smith, KendalIndepender J W BSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Smith, MelanieShakedown StreetOIAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 1
Staton, AvaLamondale GracianaJTRAccepted
Stephenson, JaneRock PhoenixOMAccepted
Stewart, LindsayTangerine TaxiSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Street, SophiaShannondale JordiBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Strini, BenitaDassett EvermoreOM-FAccepted
Strini, BenitaFE Chiara MiaOP-FAccepted
Surratt, BriggsBooming BodhranA-BAccepted
Surratt, BriggsCortureA-BAccepted
Surratt, BriggsIngomarPHAccepted
Talley, ChrisFast ForwardOMAccepted - Incomplete
Talley, ChrisLoughtown CICI ZAA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Talley, ChrisSky MoonOPAccepted - Incomplete
Talley, ChrisFE Marco PoloA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Talley, ChrisMBF FirebrandOPAccepted - Incomplete
Tallman, AveryBDE Olympic RoyaleMRAccepted - Incomplete
Teich, CarolineC Born Fresh ZOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Teich, CarolineF├╝rsten DansilNHAccepted - Incomplete
Temkin, MadisonAghost To The PostOTAccepted
Temkin, MadisonThe Great GatsbyONAccepted
Temkin, MadisonFE ClaptonOTAccepted
Thompson, AlexaParlez ClearOPAccepted
Thompson, AlexaKief Amazing MarcoTHAccepted
Tierney, MauraBallytarsna Dunne WaitingSNRAccepted
Tracy, KendylJustifiedOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Tucker, NickyPandoraBNRAccepted
Turner, ElizabethUS WarriorSNRAccepted - Incomplete
VanderWoude, ClareMunson SlewSTRAccepted
Vannoy, AmberHSH RiverSongTHAccepted - Incomplete
Wadley, MeganFleet StepperSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Wagner, MaisieTudors ChargeTHAccepted - Incomplete
Walker, RobinDHI MilanOBNAccepted
Walker, RobinRock IslandONAccepted
Wallace, ElisaRenkum CorsairA-BAccepted
Wallace, ElisaTullymurry FifiOIAccepted
Wallace, ElisaLissavorra QualityOIAccepted
Walter, LucyBold ColorsSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Warner-Vahsholtz, ShaynaSVS Antebellum VentureOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Wehde, AvaBonaireA-BAccepted - Incomplete
Wells, AlexandraMandolin RSNRAccepted
White, DonnaHe's a TenONAccepted - Incomplete
White, SharonClaus 63OIAccepted
White, SharonJaguars DuendeOP-FAccepted
White, SharonQuizasTHAccepted
White, SharonVintage ChanelTHAccepted
Williams, AbbyFirst ClassJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Williams, EmmyFortunate RebelSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Wilson, VirginiaJ-TrumanOMAccepted - Incomplete
Wolfert, JulieSSH PlayboyA-BAccepted
Worden, PippaGlendening PhalonJTRAccepted

Division Entries
A-AAdvanced - Test A15
A-BAdvanced - Test B18
BNRBeginner Novice Rider17
IRIntermediate Rider10
JNRJunior Novice Rider10
JTRJunior Training Rider10
MRModified Rider6
NHNovice Horse11
OBNOpen Beginner Novice18
OIOpen Intermediate19
OMOpen Modified17
OM-FOpen Modified One Day (Friday)14
ONOpen Novice32
OPOpen Preliminary27
OP-FOpen Preliminary One Day (Friday)23
OTOpen Training30
PHPreliminary Horse7
PRPreliminary Rider5
SNRSenior Novice Rider18
STRSenior Training Rider9
THTraining Horse20